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Vertical Integrity Rescue:

Because Falling Is not an option

Rescues and Relationships Built with Integrity

ABOUT vertical integrity rescue

From our knots and gear to our client interactions, Vertical Integrity Rescue was built on the principle of, well, integrity. We combined our technical skills with our unwavering passion for first response and Vertical Integrity Rescue was born. Offering custom rescue classes - we are in the business of creating lifesavers. 

So Others May Live

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Click the Magazine cover to read our CEO's insightful article about "Uncomplicating the Complicated". It embodies our approach to training. Keep your skills sharp and your toolbox full and always practice how you will respond because in times of crisis, you revert to your lowest level of training, not the highest

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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a product that is worth more than your money, period. How do we deliver on that promise? First off, we are passionate about creating life savers, and we’re good at it. 

Secondly, in high stress situations the reality on the ground is people tend to fall well below their highest level of training. At Vertical Integrity Rescue we use proven methods to “uncomplicate the complicated” so even your most junior technician becomes an asset when lives depend on it.  We create realistic scenarios tailored to your facility, your equipment, your procedures & your people so when the call comes, you're ready.

Falling is not an option in our line of work. Failing is not an option either. We are here to make sure neither happen. 

- Shaggy Williams



Rescue classes that meet or exceed NFPA 1006 training requirements - Different curriculum options available or create a custom class just for your needs!


Have a custom training need? A consultation question? We're here to ensure you are ready for the next rescue job!


"I first met Chris at a class we were hosting at the Illinois Fire Service Institute. Since that time we have worked on training and techniques that have benefited not only our programs but help shape future rope rescue programs. In the 40 years I have been involved in rope rescue and training it has been my privilege to work with someone this dedicated to this profession and someone who I know will take it into the future and the next level."

Mike Woodard (Woody)

Rope Rescue Program Manager

University of Illinois Fire Service Institute 

Brand Ambassadors

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